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Announcing SFGA's Artist Submission Portal

Updated: Jan 24

UPDATE: January 24, 2024 

On October 1, 2021, the Santa Fe Gallery Association launched our artist submission portal. The portal gives artists the opportunity to submit digital images to the Santa Fe Gallery Association for potential inclusion in our database of artists which will be available to our entire membership of galleries and museums for possible representation and or exhibition. 

Juried submissions are presented in a digital catalog format for the exclusive use of the current SFGA membership. The catalog is not available for use by the general public, applying or accepted artists. In the spring of 2023 we offered juried artists the opportunity to participate in the publication of a printed pilot project.

How It Works

Artists may submit digital images, with titles, dimensions, media, their contact information,  Artist Statement, CV/Resumé/Exhibition History and representation information. There is a $10 fee per image which covers costs incurred by the Santa Fe Gallery Association. A minimum of 3 images is required. We recommend 3 to 5 images and no more than 10 images per artist. Submissions cannot be returned. If an artist’s submission is juried into the Catalog, we will select 3 of the submitted images to represent the artist’s work to our membership.

All rights to the artwork are retained by the artist. All images must be uploaded in JPEG format. The image size limit is 100Mb. We recommend that your JPEG files are saved at 80-90% compression and original resolution. Large images are watermarked to prevent any unauthorized use.

Submissions are used solely to determine the readiness of the artist and their work for representation and/or exhibition with our membership. They will be reviewed by our panel of three jurors (jurors are subject to change) and a decision made to accept or decline the submitted works into the database. This takes one to two weeks as jurors carefully consider the suitability of the artist and artwork for our member galleries. Read the terms here. The decisions of our jurists are final.

About The Jurors:

Our jurors are passionate about this project, art, artists and service to our community. We are delighted to welcome them! Please do not contact them directly as that may disqualify your entry from acceptance.

  • Kimberly Duncan is the director at Gallery Wild, an artist-owned gallery originally established in Jackson, Wyoming in 2018. Gallery Wild represents artists with a focus on wildlife, wild places, and conservation. The gallery opened its second location here in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2022, right on the corner of Canyon Road's entrance. Kimberly has been working in the gallery world for more than 4 years, previously directing a gallery in the Southeast before moving out West to help open Gallery Wild Santa Fe. She has a studio background with a focus on film photography and ecoart.

  • Erica Rose Leone is the Director of Globe Fine Art on Canyon Road. She received her Master of Arts in Art History from the University of Texas at Tyler. Her research interests are rooted in ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as Baroque art. Through art history, Erica enjoys connecting the past and the present, finding parallels and influence among ancient and contemporary art.

  • Blair Vaughn-Gruler is a life long painter and a gallerist. Her work is on display at Kay Contemporary Gallery on Canyon Road and her own galleries are located in the Siler Road and Canyon Road Arts Districts. She holds an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Art.

What Types Of Art Are Accepted?

The work must be original and must be your own. We are not currently accepting work for the secondary market. Santa Fe's Galleries represent all types of artists and artistic mediums including, but not limited to:

  • Abstract/Figurative/Landscape/Still Life

  • Bronze/Steel/Metal/Wood/Tile

  • Ceramic

  • Digital

  • Encaustic

  • Fiber

  • Furniture

  • Folk Art

  • Glass

  • Jewelry

  • Mixed Media

  • Modern/Contemporary

  • Mosaic

  • Native American

  • Painting

  • Paper

  • Photography

  • Sculpture

  • Traditional

  • Western

Things To Consider:

Jurors are not screening or searching for specific aesthetics. Our individual member galleries and museums who will use the database will have their own subjective viewpoints and needs. Jurors will be looking for professional ethics, a demonstration of commitment to the work and readiness of the artist to meet the rigors that a gallery relationship represents. For some artists, this is a given, for other artists, this checklist may prove helpful.

Okay, Yes! And Then What?

Once the jurors have made their decision, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not your works were accepted into the database. If they are not accepted, watch this space for artist development resources as part of our ongoing mission to support the arts and nurture a vibrant art community.

If Your Submission Is Accepted:

Congratulations! Your work is now available to all of our member galleries for consideration. You will be contacted directly by interested parties for potential exhibition and or representation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You may be contacted by more than one venue.

Once accepted your work will stay in our database until December 31st of the Catalog year for which they were accepted. Submissions received on or after October 1st will be held for inclusion in the following year’s Catalog. This digital Catalog is published in January with monthly updates to fold in newly accepted submissions. 

The Catalog is not available to the public, submitting or accepted artists. The SFGA, at its sole discretion, may offer opportunities for marketing, art market participation and or other programs as we develop additional ways to connect gallerists and artists. Artists are under no obligation to participate in additional programs and any participation has no impact on the independent decisions of the jurors.

The SFGA acts as a point of connection between you and our membership and is under no obligation to place your work. This submission portal is provided as a service to our membership and to artists seeking representation or exhibition in one of the largest, most dynamic and diverse art markets in the United States.


If you would like a written review of your work, please email: Written reviews do not include submission to the Artist Portal. You may submit up to 10 images. Written reviews take two weeks for delivery and are delivered by email. The fee is $250.

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