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New Portal Guidelines: Information & Insights From the Jury

Covers of our Portal Catalog Pilot Projects from 2023.
Printed Portal Catalogs from our PILOT PROJECT.
  1. Submit work from only one body of work. If you work in more than one genre, that’s great. Say you paint plein air landscapes, abstracted portraits and dabble in non-functional ceramics. There is a lot of productive cross-pollination that can happen from a practice that includes multiple media, plus it’s fun. For this submission, please pick just one of these genres, and from that group, submit at least 3, no more than 10, and ideally about 6 of the strongest and most resolved pieces that are currently available. 

  2. A strong Artist Statement is key. A good statement describes things like the why and how you make your work, written in a clear and personal way, using a first person voice. One or 2 paragraphs can easily be enough if you are telling us something fascinating about your work.

  3. Regarding genres, we are very interested in seeing more submissions of genres besides painting. The SFGA member galleries are increasingly diverse and exhibit 3D objects and sculptures in many different media, textile work, drawing, wall sculpture, photography, digital art and other new media. We love to see carefully crafted submissions of all kinds of artwork!

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