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Terms For Artist Submissions To The SFGA Portal

Updated: Feb 23, 2023



The submission portal accepts artworks from individual artists seeking gallery representation and or exhibition opportunities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Santa Fe Gallery Association offers artists the opportunity to be seen by its entire membership once works are accepted.

Works are accepted based on whether or not an artist and their work are considered by our jurists to be ready to meet the rigors of a gallery relationship, including presentation of work, body of work available, artist statement, resumé, website, execution, etc. All decisions by our jurists are final. You may submit new/different works in 6 months.

We recognize that all artists and artworks have an audience. Acceptance into the SFGA database is not based solely on the aesthetic of the works, but encompasses the readiness of the artist to engage in the commerce of art. Acceptance does not constitute an offer of representation or exhibition. Acceptance does mean that our independent jury of gallerists have determined that you are ready to engage with our membership of Santa Fe's finest gallery owners, directors and curatorial staff.

All images should be submitted in JPEG format, not to exceed 100MG. Images should be clear and crisp and should only show the artwork. If framing is part of the art it may be included. In situ images are not appropriate for submission. Large images will be watermarked upon receipt to prevent unauthorized access. All rights retained by the artist. Images will not be returned.

January 2023 UPDATE:

Accepted images will be available for consideration by our member galleries for a period of up to one year. Catalogs expire on the last day of the calendar year. We are currently accepting works for the 2023 Catalog.

Submissions for the 2024 Catalog are expected to begin in December of 2023. Please check back for updated information as we are assessing new submission timelines.

Thank you for your interest in furthering your career in Santa Fe, one of the most prolific, dynamic and diverse art markets in the world.

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