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Water: Sacred Elixir

Friday May 31st through Thursday August 8th


Precious life giving water is revered, conserved and celebrated in Santa Fe. The pure elixir falls freely from our skies, filling our rivers, acequias and lakes, feeding our thirsty earth, plants, people and animals. Abundant natural hot springs and their curative properties continue to be a shared resource soothing our minds, bodies and spirits.


From the freshwater rivers and streams fed by our winter snows in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, through the Rio Grande carving out canyons and borders as it runs into the sea, it is incumbent upon us to steward and share the sacred gift of water as it passes through our lands. We honor our responsibility to this sacred elixir with these artworks reflecting the ways in which water enriches our days, quenches our thirst, unites, divides and reshapes our lives.

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