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Am I Ready? The Artist Submission Portal Checklist

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Please note: incomplete submissions are less likely to be accepted into the Catalog. An up to date Artist Statement, bio, CV and/or website all contribute to the jurors’ ability to form a cohesive and accurate understanding of your work and your readiness for gallery representation.

Please find more details below.

The Checklist:

(updated January 2023):

√ Do I have a cohesive body of work?

While many artists work in several different media or styles, focus on showing us your strongest and most resolved work.

√ Do I have at least 20 strong pieces of work (and another 20 coming along)?

Should a gallery offer you representation, they will want to know you are exhibition ready.

√ Is my presentation professional?

Paintings should be framed or with clean edges, and wired for hanging. 3D work should be presentation ready.

√ Does my Artist Statement communicate clearly?

Your Artist Statement is very different from your Bio. It wants to describe in detail one or more aspects of the body of work you are submitting: your inspiration, your process, your “why,” or your “how” are good questions to answer in your statement.

Keep it succinct (one or two paragraphs) and as clear and engaging as possible.

There are many resources to help with writing a strong statement online. Here is one good one:

√ Are the images of my work high quality?

Poor quality images make it very challenging to accept a submission.

√ Is my website consistent with my art?

Update your website with current work and information before you submit! This is another opportunity to show your professionalism.

√ Do I understand that galleries earn their commissions and that this is a business relationship? Gallerists work hard and expect you to do the same. Success is a team sport.

Need more information about the process? Click here.

Read our submission terms. Click here.

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