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This year marks the 100th burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Santa Fe Gallery Association has access to 30, 4 foot tall fiberglass effigies commissioned by the Kiwanis Club.


OPPORTUNITY: The SFGA is looking for galleries to participate in this once in a lifetime promotion. Sign up to take in one of these Zozobras for one or more of your artists to paint. The artist and gallery will receive acknowledgement in promotional materials around the exhibition of these molded sculptures. Some of the planned events are television coverage on KOAT reaching 323,000 viewers plus another 1,000,000 viewers on their website, with support from City, County and State Tourism offices and recognition at SFGA events, including Art Week and Art Santa Fe.



Pick up times:

Friday, 3/22 3 pm - 5 pm

Saturday, 3/32 11 am - 1 pm

Wednesday, 3/27 12 pm - 2 pm

Location: Santa Fe Place Mall (north side by H&M)

March 31st: Signed participant commitment due.

May 31st: Completed artwork installation at participating galleries (delivered, dry & ready for exhibition)

June 1st to August 30th: exhibition, photo opportunities and public relations events

August 30th: the 100th burning of Zozobra

TBD: Online and live hybrid auction


SUBJECT TO CHANGE - please confirm all dates, deadlines and delivery locations - this information will be updated here as it becomes available.

Delivery location: TBD


Terms and Conditions 

All pick up, delivery and transportation to and from the exhibition space are the responsibility of the individual artist or representing gallery.

Participating artists receive $1,000, plus 50% of sales price in excess of auction reserve. All rights confer with the possession of the finished work. Kiwanis and the Santa Fe Gallery Association may display, photograph, reproduce and distribute the finished pieces to promote Zozobra, Santa Fe Tourism, the Santa Fe Art market and the participating artists and the galleries who represent them.

The Santa Fe Gallery Association is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of any actions related to the curation of artwork for the Zozobra project. Every effort will be made to protect and respect all artworks on exhibition, however we cannot guarantee that the process will be flawless.


Please check with your business insurance carrier. Each gallery and artist is responsible for their own insurance coverage throughout this initiative. Should a loss occur including but not limited to theft, irreparable damage, etc. the artist and representative gallery will be jointly and severally responsible for a sum of $2,500.


For your protection, artwork will be signed in and out on the delivery and pick up dates. The work may be exhibited in sponsoring galleries until received for group exhibitions.


Proceeds from the sale of the resulting artworks: 

The auction reserve price of $3k will be set to provide $1k reimbursement of fabrication costs to Kiwanis, $1k to the artist, and $1k reimbursement of marketing, exhibition and auction premiums conferring to the SFGA. All proceeds will be distributed after artwork has been sold.


Additional proceeds:

After the $3k auction reserve is met and distributed as noted above, amounts in excess of $3k will be distributed with 50% going to the participating artist and 25% each going to the Kiwanis of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Gallery Association. The gallery/artist split is beyond the scope of this agreement.

Reserve not met:

In the event the auction reserve is not met for any individual artwork, Kiwanis and the SFGA retain the right to sell the original work and or ancillary products until the reserve is met. For example, prints of the artwork may be sold with 100% of funds going to fund the auction reserve applied across the 3 participating entities in equal measure.


The statues were purposely made to be child-sized so that little Zozobra fans everywhere can engage with them. While we want artists to give their creativity free rein, there are a few stipulations in place to ensure that the completed work is family-friendly.


  • No defamatory artistic content or language

  • No prurient artistic content or language

  • No plagiarism of other artists' content or language

  • No toxic or flammable materials

  • Artistic medium must be permanent (no water-based materials) 

  • No sharp protruding objects affixed

  • Any decorative assets must be permanently affixed

  • Structural integrity must remain intact, e.g. the sculpture must be freestanding when complete, if the structure is altered all pieces and parts must be used in the completed art work.

  • If you have any questions about your intended transformation of the Zozobra assigned to you, please ask for clarification. This is a case where asking for permission is highly preferable to asking for forgiveness.

Please call Lisa at the SFGA or on her cell (bottom number) if you have any questions, concerns or if you need assistance.



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