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Indian Market & Opening Receptions This Weekend

Art openings, artist talks & demos, fashion shows and Indian Market take center stage this weekend. From Bishop's Lodge to the Plaza and the Convention Center to the Railyard you'll find this weekend full of posibilities.

The Six to Hit:

  1. Molly Heizer Artist Opening at Canyon Road Contemporary - 10% Goes to Maui

  2. Fujinuma Noboru Artist Opening at TAI Modern

  3. Opening Reception at form & concept: Armond Lara

  4. Pahponee Potery; Preserving Tradition, Defining Contemporary. Artist Talk

  5. Preston Singletary Opening Reception at Blue Rain Gallery

  6. Artist Reception for Shawndell Oliver at Galerie Züger

The links above will take you to more information. Images correspond with the links - left to right and top to bottom.

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