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Antieau Gallery Seeks Sales Associate

Updated: Apr 15

Antieau Gallery (downtown Santa Fe)

Antieau Gallery is an artist-owned gallery showing the fabric appliqué and embroidery work of Chris Roberts-Antieau, with two locations in New Orleans, LA and one in Santa Fe, NM. We are seeking a talented, dynamic, committed sales associate to join our team!

Our sales associates are responsible for all functions of their location, including (but not limited to) sales and meeting monthly sales goals, client relationships and address management, sales processes, shipping and delivery, event production, inventory management, gallery maintenance, and more.

Graphic design and social media skills are a huge plus! This is a part-time position best suited for an energetic, adaptable person that is commission driven and believes wholeheartedly in connecting people with the artist's work. We’re searching for dedication and longevity in this position. Applicants must be able and willing to work with leads on and off the sales floor and have some flexibility with their schedule during high season (June through October).

This job is lively and fun, and never the same from day to day. You will be crafting paper flowers one day and hosting a dance party the next. We put on major events in our Santa Fe and New Orleans galleries and expect an “All Hands On Deck” attitude during these busy times. 


  • Meet and exceed sales goals

  • Oversee sales processes and fulfillment, ensuring highest caliber of customer service

  • Invent creative methods of client outreach

  • Cultivate the Antieau Gallery brand within the gallery

  • Aid in producing big annual openings, workshops, and artist talks, and create new monthly event ideas to boost sales and stimulate energy in the gallery

  • Ensure the gallery is clean and well-maintained, schedule and oversee repairs as needed

  • Ensure our tech and gallery supplies are functioning and updated

  • Manage the gallery inventory and ensure gallery and customer orders are fulfilled

  • Curate the gallery

  • Work closely with the artist and team in New Orleans to realize big picture goals

Much, much more! Possibilities are endless!


  • Sales motivated

  • Confident with strong communication skills

  • Must work well with others and have a great sense of humor! We work hard and we have a LOT of fun!

  • Computer proficient and familiar with Google Drive (sheets, docs, gmail)

  • Graphic Design skills in Adobe Creative a plus

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Must have a solid work ethic, be a task-master, be efficient, and love what you do!

We can't wait to hear what else you may contribute to Antieau Gallery! This is a special opportunity to contribute to your own job description. If this feels like your dream job, apply today! Applications will not be accepted without a cover letter and resume.

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