Art Adds Sizzle to Your Décor by Aleta Pippin

You’ve just looked around your home and realize there’s something missing, something that has the power to make your décor pop. We’re talking about art. The right pieces will literally move your décor from “okay” to fantastic. So, how do you begin? Where do you look for the “right” pieces? And just exactly what are[…]

Le bassin aux nympheas by Claude Monet

Paris Thoughts | L’Orangerie by Paul Parker

One of the museums in Paris that I was really looking forward to visiting was the Musee de L’Orangerie. The museum is housed in the former Orangery of the Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre on the Seine. An Orangery was a greenhouse or conservatory often built on the grounds of fashionable residences. The name comes[…]


History is Written by the Collector by Kelly Skeen, Pippin Contemporary

“The collector is an artist in his own way, by the way he puts things together. You can read a person’s soul from their collection.” – Ayers Tarantino, Art and Antiques Why collect? Collecting art is more than just buying pretty objects. As an art collector, you are an arts supporter, a part of art[…]


Pippin Contemporary | The Art of Tea by Kelly Skeen, Pippin Contemporary

Bold. High energy. Calming. Balanced. These words have all been used to describe the abstract art at Pippin Contemporary at the base of historic Canyon Road. At the other end of the street, past over a hundred galleries, restaurants and boutiques, the same words are used to describe gourmet teas from all over the world[…]


Museums in Winter | Santa Fe, NM by Karla Winterowd, Winterowd Fine Art

Art is always in season here in Santa Fe.  Winter is a perfect time to visit.  Become part of the magic.  Come stroll our 240 art galleries and see for yourself what puts Santa Fe on the map as one of the most important art destinations. Enjoy our amazing galleries and stay a bit longer[…]


How can one appreciate abstract art? By Michelle Gaugy

The kind like paint splatter and such. I want to know what people see in that kind of art. Can anyone offer me a different point of view? Appreciating abstraction can be difficult – particularly some of the most abstract, the “paint splatters” and such, about which you specifically inquire. As abstract art originally developed, the depictions[…]

SITE Santa Fe Biennial

The Season Is in High Gear by Kate McGraw

The season is here! The solstice has turned and Santa Fe’s art scene is into high gear. July is the time for what public relations whiz Clare Hertel has dubbed the “art trifecta” – three great shows of gallery-worthy, swoon-worthy art occurring within the same 10-day period in Santa Fe. We’re talking about the 14th[…]

Blue Tara by Max Almy and Teri Yarbrow

Around the Galleries by Kate McGraw

It’s Time for Currents… “Currents” is the fifth annual Santa Fe International New Media Festival. It’s an evocative title—could be referencing currents, like, streams. Or currents, like, what’s happening now. Actually, it’s both. New Media are media that combine arts with science and technology – digital, video, “lights, camera, action.” Like that. This festival brings[…]

Evoke Contemporary shows Louisa McElwain

In the Galleries by Kate McGraw

Do you know what it means to curate art? It means you don’t just hang whatever comes in—you organize it; you pull it together with a theme or topic; you think about it. Small wonder that Art Matters, the series sponsored by the Santa Fe Gallery Association with the goal of promoting connoisseurship among both[…]

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