Art Districts

If you envision Santa Fe as being only splendid Southwestern landscape painting and fine traditional Native American crafts, you’re in for a surprise. Today Santa Fe offers connoisseurs of fine art a sophisticated art experience with numerous galleries showing contemporary painting and sculpture, opening up a limitless horizon of artistic imagination.

While there is an incomparable cultural mix -the historic Native American and Hispanic traditions – the fertile ground of natural beauty and the maverick spirit of early Twentieth Century artists made Santa Fe a vibrant art center for more than a century. A unique outlook flourishes here, cherishing the past while inviting exploration and inventive creativity that has blossomed into an extraordinary diversity of genres, mediums, and artistic styles.

With the introduction of a free city shuttle service in 2009, visitors can easily see all the galleries wiithout a need for a car or the hassles of parking. The Santa Fe Pick Up links all art districts, every twenty minutes. For pick locations and shuttle schedule service please visit the Transportation Section of